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Q  A's

Page history last edited by Julia Sander 10 years, 3 months ago

Are baggage fees included in the price?

  • No.  It is recommended that students bring 1 carry-on and adults will be responsible for their baggage check fee.

Can younger siblings come?

  • No.  WorldStrides recommends that no one under the age of 10 due to the rigorous schedule and the enjoyment of the students. The trip is organized every 2 years so younger siblings will have their turn to go as well!

What do I do with the fundraising money I earn?

  • If you pay for your trip in full by 6/1 all fundraising money (group & individual) must be turned into Mrs. Sander.  If you do not pay in full, all personal fundraising (donations from relatives, money earned by working, etc.) you will send in according to your payment plan set up with WorldStrides.  All group fundraising will be turned into Mrs. Sander, allocated to the appropriate accounts, and be sent directly to WorldStrides.  Your individual accounts will then see the update on your personal trip invoices.


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