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Tech Talk

Page history last edited by Julia Sander 10 years, 6 months ago



Welcome to the After School Adventure Tech Talk Wiki page!  Here you will find information from our class.




Last Class Info click HERE


iTouch Trix Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmHGUKjNyHU


Click HERE to find out how to add trix to your iTouch


List of Useful iPod Touch Tricks:  http://www.ipodtouchscene.com/iPod-Touch-Tricks


iTouch Website


iTunes Website


iTunes U can be accessed through the iTunes Store


Did you know there are thousands of FREE "public domain" books available?  You can download and read using Stanza.  Just search "Stanza" in the iTunes Store and download.









Click HERE to view relevant YouTube Videos




Click HERE for SmartBoard Information 


NetBook Apps:



Below is the top 50 free applications in the Education category (data is pulled from iTunes). 




Game Apps (search for in iTunes App Store):


  • TicTacTouch – Play Tic Tac Toe on your iTouch or iPhone.
  • Whack’em all – Like Whack-a-mole, so fun!  You'll laugh so hard you'll cry.
  • Touch4 - Just like Connect Four.
  • Doodle Kids – Drag your fingers on screen and various shapes are displayed.
  • Scribble - Draw on your iTouch or iPhone with various colors, etc.
  • Shape Spot – Much like the game concentration, you have to try and get the shapes in the right spot before the timer expires.
  • Memory Puzzle Game – Classic game of matcher, matcher.
  • Jumbalo Zoo – Creative game where you build animals out of various animal parts.
  • Scribble - Scribble is a tool that allows you to draw on your iPhone using your finger.  The fun part of this application is that you can import photos and draw on them! 
  • Pac-Man Lite – As a child I spent hours at the gas station by our house playing Pac-Man. When I saw I could have it on my iPhone I was all over it. 
  • Duck Shoot - This fun game is reminiscent of the shooting games you might have played at carnivals growing up. The concept is easy, you use your finger to “shoot” the ducks….. just don’t accidentally hit something you’re not supposed to!
  • 3D Brick Breaker Revolution – It’s not just for Blackberry users.
  • Ben Stein – It’s Trivial Lite – If you ever watched Win Ben Stein’s Money on TV, then you’ll appreciate this, complete with monkey co-host.
  • Movie Challenge Lite – Think you know a lot about movies? This application will put that knowledge to the test across ten categories. 
  • Finger Sprint – This goofy applications is a great game for killing time and has you competing in a track race, using your fingers.   


Just for Fun/Nostaligic Apps (click to download):  

  • Scramble – It’s like a seek-n-find game on speed. You can play by yourself or connect online and compete against other players.
  • Bowl Lite - It’s Skee Ball people! ON YOUR iPhone.  It’s amazing!  (note: the free version only allows you to play the classic game.) 



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